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The Mission

Salacriativa in Lisbon is on a mission to redefine the haircare experience. Our purpose is clear: to provide the absolute best in hair services, powered by

Oway Organics hair care


But our mission goes beyond hair – we're dedicated to fostering collaboration with local artists and building a vibrant community around the beauty of creativity. Together, we aim to elevate the salon experience, making it not just about hair, but about connection, artistry, and organic excellence. Join us in reimagining what a hair salon can be.

art exhibition

Art collaborations

Our space is dedicated to showcasing the diverse talents of artists from all disciplines. With our commitment to art collaboration, we transform our salon into an art gallery, offering our customers a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in a world of artistic expression.

Hair: Fashion and health

We adore crafting low-maintenance, effortlessly stylish hairstyles tailored to your needs.

Equally, we thrive on creating edgy, avant-garde looks and mastering intricate techniques for those who crave bold transformations. However, throughout our artistic journey, one thing remains non-negotiable – the health of your hair always comes first.

Our commitment to maintaining your hair's vitality is at the core of everything we do.

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Pop up events

We also offer our space for pop up events.

If you are a creative or an entrepreneur we can collaborate to create small gatherings or presentations.

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